January 18, 2010

Cowboys fans continue to show that they're a bunch of douchebags

The talk of the NFL today is how the Minnesota Vikings apparently ran up the score on the Dallas Cowboys en route to their 34-3 drubbing in the division round of the playoffs. Mainly its coming from Cowboys fans who think that it was classless and generally the mark of a jerk term.

Umm... okay 69-0 in a high school game is running up the score. 34-3 is not running up the score in the NFL. When you're playing a professional team, you put your foot on their throat and you push down until they stop breathing. In the playoffs, you want to ensure that there is absolutely no way that the other team comes back.

And even if the other team has no chance of coming back in the game, it's not like high school where you can just run it between the tackles and run out the clock. These are sophisticated NFL defenses with incredible NFL players, you still need to air it out otherwise Brett Favre or Adrian Peterson would have been picking their teeth off of the turf (ask Kurt Warner). And in the professional ranks, if I'm paying good money, I want to see both teams trying to score REGARDLESS if it's a blowout or not. I mean isn't that what you would want for a 50-dollar upper deck seat.

But alas, the Cowboys fans just don't get it, nor do they get that a lot of people don't like their team. Stop whining.

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