January 18, 2010

Gonzaga the best team on the West Coast?

While the Pac-10 continues to be terrible, Gonzaga keeps climbing the polls and probably could be considered the best team in the western United States. I'm usually the one saying that Zags are overrated but not this season as they've slowly but surely moved up in the polls after one quality win after another. Nobody in the big "BCS" conference of the Pac-10 can even take a sniff close to Gonzaga or even some teams in the WCC. Wow, how weird is this season?

Gonzaga continued to climb up the rankings, moving up to 15th in the A.P. poll and 10th in ESPN/USA Today. GU (14-3) moved up two spots in A.P. and four in the other poll. Saint Mary’s lost a few votes in the ESPN/USA Today poll, receiving 16 compared to 25 last week, after its home loss to the Bulldogs.

The Zags were No. 10 in ESPN/USA Today’s final regular-season poll last season and finished 13th after advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.

Keep in mind that Gonzaga played the toughest part of it's conference this last weekend and came out smelling rosey. Assuming they don't have a brain-lapse and get upset, it should be all downhill for Gonzaga the rest of the season.

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