January 29, 2010

I cheered for Gonzaga for the first time in a LONG time

A note to Gonzaga fans out there, you guys are are kind of ridiculous.

Sitting at the bar last night watching the Bulldogs trail Santa Clara for most of the game, fan depression reached ultimate mass when they were down by double digits.

Problem was... there was 11 FREAKIN MINUTES LEFT.

After supposed die-hard Zag fans shut off their televisions - evident by the amount of texts and twitter updates I received on my phone - I thought to myself "well this is just ridiculous, GU's the better team, they have a chance for a final push to cut that deficit."

I started talking to my friends around "you know what, Gonzaga is going to win this game." I dunno, call it premonition, call it me being a snooty a-hole sipping on my martini, but I figured I'd go against the grain. After hearing everyone say the Bulldogs were playing like fecal matter, I decided I'd give the uber young team the benefit of the doubt. When you're a bunch of sophomores, you don't always come out with your best game.

I started cheering as soon as Gonzaga started proving me right. Santa Clara froze up since they haven't played this big of game... ever... and the Bulldogs took control of the game. Now there's  hitting a few threes and take the lead, that's not taking control of the game... then there's dictating the tempo and out hussling the other team on the floor. That's taking control of the game.

One the Zags took the lead, I knew it was over. Check please.

So question for all you Gonzaga fans, why did you jump ship so quickly?

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