January 29, 2010

Northwest Photographer of the week: Isa Farnick

It's Friday and what better time to highlight a great photographer in the Northwest? This photo comes from Isa Farnik, currently of Shoreline (30 min. north of Seattle.) Here's the caption she has for the photo.

Taken on the first evening of night skiing at Steven's Pass where I worked for a stint at the beginning of the season. This photo (as well as most of the rest of mine) are simply pretty moments that occur in my life which keeping my camera at my side at all times allow me to capture. There's beauty every where. I don't believe in having to work hard to find it.

Click on the link to see her photo on Flickr and make sure you leave a comment!

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  1. Wow! This photo is great. I love the lights. Nice job Isa.

  2. This is a wonderful shot!