January 29, 2010

Reasons why you're still single... akward Piano Bar guy

So imagine yourself at the piano bar, enjoying the night, having a few drinks, requesting some songs.

And then he stopped playing those said songs.

My Piano Bar guy, wearing his cowboy hat and awkwardly tucked in dress shirt and jeans. He's been manning the piano all night and has been doing an alright job. Serviceable. Decent. Okay. I mean he wasn't bad. You could make out the songs.

Then when the number of people in the bar dips below 12, he decides to freestyle. Badly.

The following songs about women's chests is so bad and offensive the remaining 12 people leave. And these were the same people cheering on a badly played rendition of "Livin' on  Prayer" and "Like a Virgin" just a few minutes before. Yup, that bad.

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