January 8, 2010

JustSON at the Movies: Sherlock Holmes doesn't deliver

If you want to spend your eight bucks wisely, go see Sherlock Holmes. It's a good popcorn movie, very fun to watch and you will like Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law's performance. If you want to see something that revolutionalizes film-making or at the very least makes you think, look elsewhere.

Now, I'm not the kind of guy that craves the latter, but at times Sherlock Holmes did feel like it was following the same formula set down by other "action-adventure" movies that came before it. Evil villain with a grand plot, hero frustrated by the problem at hand, ultimate "Aha!" moment and then the final battle atop some high place to heighten the danger element. Sure, all that was carried out to near perfection, but you could still see the gears working.

Robert Downey Jr. was his usual brilliant self, and this role was obviously tailor made for him in Sherlock. Jude Law nailed his role as Watson and was probably the best part of the film. That all said while ignoring the awkward sexual tension between the two that I tried to tune out. It felt rather unnecessary (considering that Watson was had a fiancee) and was so blatantly pushed upon us that it almost made a mockery of the movie. Yet this supposed tension had no punch and had me asking "well what the hell was that?!"

What was the point of it other than to make the audience feel uncomfortable?

I give it a seven out of ten. Good fun, no substance.

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