January 19, 2010

JustSON Numbers: Average salaries of professional athletes

Let's check this out, if you're wanting to strike it big in sports, you should probably start working on your jump shot. Check out the average salaries of pro athletes...

* Basketball (NBA) -- $5,000,000
* Baseball (MLB) -- $2,800,000
* Football (NFL) -- $1,750,000
* Hockey (NHL) -- $1,500,000
* Men's Golf -- $973,495
* Women's Tennis -- $345,000
* Men's Tennis -- $260,000
* Women's Golf -- $162,043

The NBA is actually no real surprise considering the number of players in the league is probably the least out of all the sports - therefore the higher end players drive up the average AND agents can ask for more because the demand for quality players are higher with fewer roster sports.

The NFL is kind of a shock considering it's the world's most popular sports AND it's one of the most damaging sports physically. You'd think the player's union would be clamoring for extra dough because of that.

And then there's women's golf - yep, that's still a buttload of money.

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  1. Average wage for those reporting on athlete's success?