January 20, 2010

Who said soccer wasn't a contact sport?

You hear a lot of complaining about soccer players being wussies, but let's not forget that football players are the ones going on the injured reserve list for things like "turf toe."

Seasons are longer than football, players are usually splitting time with their national and pro teams. The pro teams have a regular schedule and then these weird " Cup" schedules that are even more contests that basically boil down to being exhibition games for bragging rights.

The main problem is the fake out fouls... but don't we see that in basketball? Should I show the footage of Duke players flopping again? These guys are running for an hour and a half straight, while some baseball players can't run hard to first base.

And I don't want to get into details about groin-to-cleat injuries but I can guarantee you, I'm never walking out onto a soccer field without a cup.

What are your thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. Brandon, there is video of a University of New Mexico women's soccer player on youtube kicking the sh*t out of the opposing team. Might be worth a look if you've not seen it.