January 7, 2010

Seattle University shows that Oregon State sucks, so does the Pac-10

If you're a Pac-10 fan, you can't be happy with bottom-feeder Oregon State losing to Seattle University by 51 points, their worst ever in school history at home. Oh yeah, and SU is playing their first year in Div. I. Ooops.

The win was surprising on many levels. For one, an Oregon State team that had struggled early in the season appeared to be turning something of a corner when it lost close games at both Washington and Washington State over the weekend. For another, Seattle U.'s leading scorer, Charles Garcia — ninth in the nation at 22.6 points per game — barely contributed until the matter had been long decided, scoring just one point in the first 35 minutes while saddled with foul trouble.

Can we say now that since Oregon State played the some of the league's top two teams very closely - Washington and Washington St. - that the Pac-10 is officially crappy? Really crappy.

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