January 21, 2010

Woman's iPhone saves her from bear

Yesterday I wrote about an iPhone application that was designed to scare away bears.

Either that, or just spark their curiosity and bring them to you.

Well, while researching that post I came across another hilarious story involving a bear and an iPhone. Apparently bears have a thing for Apple technology.

In a story from CIO, Kris Rowley was hiking in Vermont when she came across a young bear.

And she stopped it with her iPhone. Yes, her iPhone. Allow me to explain.

As the bear approached she wasn't sure what to do. So when the bear got to a distance of 30 feet, she threw her iPhone at it. The bear must have wanted to download a few apps of his own because he sniffed and pawed at the phone. This gave Rowley a chance to make a get away.

However, being addicted to her iPhone (like all those Apple users are) she returned to the spot to retrieve it. And what she found was one mauled and scratched up phone. I guess the bear got upset with the cellphone coverage in his roaming area.

But wait, the story doesn't end there. Oh no. Rowley then went to her Apple store and in the hopes that they would replace her bear-attacked phone. I wish I could have seen the workers face as she tried to explain how her iPhone saved her life and she just wanted a new one.

Rowley eventually just bought a new one. But hey, now she can download the Scare Bear app.

Or just carry bear spray.

(This is from Just Northwest)

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