February 16, 2010

Fat movie director gets reminded by the airlines that he's fat

Fat Hollywood Director. An airlines that makes large people buy two seats if they're too big. Throw in the Fat Hollywood Director's ego and you have a big fat mess.

Film director Kevin Smith has reignited a heated debate about airlines’ treatment of overweight passengers after being thrown off a flight for being too large to fit in one seat. An angry tirade posted on his Twitter page about the way he was treated by Southwest Airlines last weekend has fueled a wave of protests from some angry passengers while other travelers have stood by the airline’s decision. “If you look like me, you may be ejected from Southwest Air,” wrote Smith, posting a photograph of himself on the plane, puffing out his cheeks..

Sorry Kevin Smith, but people really don't want you oozing over into the seat that they paid for. Enough said.

Heavyset people can make it onto planes all the time, the seats aren't that small. It's the people that have completely let themselves go and are obese. That's the issue here. Don't blame the airlines because you can't control yourself at the dinner table. This isn't like some sort of disease or condition he couldn't control. He has only himself to blame.

And with that said, I'm going to have some breakfast.

 Want seconds Kevin Smith?

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  1. the guy is just so super fat now. since when did he let himself get that fat geez. lol can he not drive instead of fly? oh wait maybe his leg is "too" heavy and the car never stops accelerating once it gets going.