February 16, 2010

Why Canada is so much better than America.

Since the Olympics are in Canada... shall we?

1. Hockey fans are way better than football fans -
Because if you run into a hockey fan, they'll be able to name the first line on their favorite team, meanwhile most "hardcore" NFL fans are struggling to figure out whether Big Ben is their favorite quarterback or that Jerry Brees quarterback for their new favorite team... what is it, San Antonio?

2. Their money is cool -
And if you run out of money, you can just take the play money from Monopoly.

3. Maple Syrup is a gift from the gods -
And don't you ever forget that. Ever....

4. It's okay to be drunk in Canada because it's cold up there -
giving me the perfect excuse. This might be the college student version of the promised land. And now I can get drunk during a hockey game? A-MaY-Zing.

5. Better Comedians and funny people -
Conan O'Brian, Jim Carrey, Dan Akroyd ... all from Canada. From America? Jeff Foxworthy. Well crap.


  1. Don't forget John Candy on the Canada list.

  2. and tom green! how can you forget tom green?

    and i would agree on all of those except maple syrup. REAL maple syrup is about the sweetest thing ive ever had. i usually have to call the dentists office after that shit.

    (on a side note, i caught your blog in the comments section of freedomblogging, the one about the olympics being completely controlled by nbc).

    You should do a post about the complete and utter control nbc has over the olympic coverage in the usa. I cant watch ANYTHING other than what nbc shows. And ive tried many, many other live steaming sites.