February 6, 2010

Gonzaga beats Memphis, who is apparently coaches by a 3rd grader

Meet Josh Pastner, he's the new coach of the Memphis Tigers after that slimy coach that will not be mention (he's at Kentucky) left them hanging.

He's just 32 years old and while Memphis lost today to Gonzaga 66-58 it certainly wasn't because of him (it might have been all those missed free throws in the fourth quarter.) I'm sure he's a pretty good coach since the team is 16-7 right now.

However, it remains that the Tigers are in fact coached by a man who probably gets carded when buying r-rated movies at Best Buy. He was an assistant coach at Arizona, but it's pretty crazy that they would hand over the keys to a guy so young. I mean, can you hand him the keys if he can't legally drive yet?

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  1. Funny... what's even funnier is that Pastner has locked up the #1 recruiting class for next year. Can't imagine why they would give the keys to a guy like that.