February 6, 2010

Gonzaga game day vs. Memphis

Remember when Gonzaga got dismembered by Memphis last year? Yeah, that was not fun. Now they'll try for revenge against the Tigers in Memphis. Granted it's not the powerhouse (They're still 16-6 though) it was last year but that's probably because all their players took their SATs.

Game is at 1 p.m. and I'm excited to see Gonzaga fans reactions to this game.

Last year when the Zags were getting blown out by like 20 points in the Spokane Arena, I remember the team making a "run" and cutting it to 16 causing all the Gonzaga fans in the sports bar I was at to erupt. Yep, 16 points. We're coming back! Wooo!

Didn't happen.

Anyways, don't expect a shellacking like that today - did you see what they did to Portland? They're playing mad right now.

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