February 6, 2010

Guide to a Saturday

It's Saturday and you've had a long work week.

Now what should you do with your first day of the weekend?

Well don't worry because this is the JustSON Guide to a Saturday. Here's some great ideas on how to spend today:

1. Wake up at noon. Shut the blinds. Wake up again at 6 pm. Grab some food. Get dressed in your leather pants and your aluminum foil shirt. . Head to the car and listen to Heat of the Moment by Asia the whole way to meet up with your buddy outside of the hottest dance club in Spokane. Dance the night away. (And for the record, Brandon and I don't spend EVERY Saturday doing this)

2. Study for the big test that you have on Monday. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah right)

3. Play Super Mario Bros. for the Wii all day.

4. Head to the Home Depot and buy royal blue and white paint. Paint every car in your apartment parking lot blue with white racing stripes and an 18 on the door. Go Colts.

5. Decide that you will go to the movies. After getting to the Regal Cinemas you now see that a movie costs almost $10 for one ticket. Decide that is too expensive for you. Place you're hat on the ground outside the theater. Dance around it while people throw nickels at you. Gather up the nickels and buy a ticket.

6. See 5. But instead of an awesome movie, you actually head into the wrong theater and see "Dear John." Or, if you're like Brandon you've been waiting months for this movie to come out so you bought the ticket on purpose.

7. Stay home and watch reruns of Home Improvement all day on TBS. Oh Tim "the toolman" Taylor you crack me up.

8. Head to a college bar in Spokane at 1 PM dressed to the teeth in Memphis Tigers gear and say, "Boo-Yeah Grandma!" every time Memphis scores on Gonzaga.

9. Spend the whole day cleaning your apartment. Mmmmm...Pine-Sol. (Again, much like number 2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yeah right)

10. Read the Just South of North archives all day. Seriously, there's some AWESOME stuff on that site.

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