February 11, 2010

Lei Wang, Everest 2010

Over the next few months Just Northwest will be featuring a special new section. This will be guest posts by adventurer Lei Wang.

This spring Lei Wang will be climbing Mt. Everest, and while doing so she will be sending us reports from along her trip for us to feature on Just Northwest and Just South of North.

But reaching the summit of Mt. Everest is just the final step on her amazing journey.

Lei is aiming to become the first Chinese woman, as well as the first Asian-American woman to reach the seven summits and both poles.

The seven summits are the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents. Here are those mountains:

Africa: Kilimanjaro - 19,340 feet

Antarctica: Vinson - 16,067 feet

Asia: Everest - 29,029 ft

Oceania: Carstensz Pyramid - 16,023 feet

Europe: Elbrus - 18,510 ft

North America: Denali - 20,320 feet

South America: Aconcagua - 22,841 feet

Lei has already reached the top of six of the mountains as well as skied to both poles.

And now she has her sights set on Mt. Everest and we'll be helping to keep you informed of her progress. I'll also be featuring pictures and stories from her past trips that led up to her trip to Mt. Everest.

You can also check out her fan page on facebook.

(This is from Just Northwest)

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