February 11, 2010

Stink at Nothing

My blogging friend Steven, over at My Life Outdoors, posted back in January about a contest to win a free anti-stink shirt. I figured, hey, I stink while going on the Northern Ranger trips, might as well enter.

Well, I found today that the people over at Agion Active must have also thought I stunk because they are sending me a shirt to test.

Now this isn't just any stink free shirt, this shirt is specially made. Only half of it has been treated with the anti-stink potion. That way you can really tell a difference.

They now will be sending me this special half anti-stink shirt to test. I'm supposed to try it out and then write back with a detailed evaluation of the shirt as well as a photo or video.

And obviously being the Northern Rangers we'll send in a video. (forgot to tell you, Jeff got one too)

Now the big catch is that if your review is the best, then you could win an all-inclusive outdoor adventure vacation for two.

I'll post more about this once my shirt arrives and the Northern Rangers hit the trail.

(This is from Just Northwest)

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  1. I've been meaning to tell you Casey, you stink. Badly.