February 11, 2010

Year Two: We made it longer than Ryan Leaf in the NFL

This week marks the two year anniversary of Just South of North.

That's right ladies and gentlemen! We've made it TWO YEARS!!!

And the Las Vegas Betting Commission has us at 30:1 odds to make it through the year. We sure showed them!

Wonder what they'll have for us to make to year three?

Last year we showed you some major events that happened during our first year, 2008. So, again thanks to Wikipedia (aka the way Brandon made it through college) here are some of the big sporting events from 2009.

But before I show those, I must say, that 2010 is going to be the biggest year yet for JustSON. In 2009 we had 1,875 post of awesomeness. But 2010 has already shown the start of more posts, better content, funnier stuff, great videos and the outdoor exclusive spinoff of JustSON, Just Northwest. Here's to another great year!

Major sporting events from JustSON Year Two:

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