February 7, 2010

Mark Brunell finally wins Super Bowl

It took 16 seasons, but Mark Brunell finally has a Super Bowl ring.

And no, he didn't just sit on the bench to earn it, he was the New Orleans Saints holder for this entire season.

I'm a Colts fan. So obviously I was rooting for them today. But in the end, while I'm sad to see the Colts lose, I'm happy to see Brunell get a much deserved ring.

I grew up rooting for the guy. He is one of my dad's favorite quarterbacks so naturally, being a son, I started rooting for him too. Oh, and he's a former Dawg.

Brunell went to the University of Washington and was a key part in developing the dominant team that UW had through the early 1990s.

Following college he was drafted in the 5th round by the Green Bay Packers in 1993. Unfortunately all he saw was the bench as some guy named Brett Favre also played there.

Then as luck would have it, in 1995 the city of Jacksonville was awarded a new expansion NFL franchise. Shortly after Brunell was traded to the Jaguars and given the starting job. The team was less than impressive in their first season finishing 4-12, but the four years after that they made the play-offs each year.

During his time in Jacksonville Brunell lead the Jags to AFC Championship appearances in 1996 and 1999. However, each time they lost.

On the upside though, he did make the Pro Bowl three times and was the MVP of the game in 1999.

But then the Jaguars started stumbling and soon it was time for the franchise to rebuild. They didn't want to rebuild with an aging quarterback who was just coming off a hamstring injury. So in 2003 he was traded to the Washington Redskins.

While with the Redskins Brunell traded starting duties with Jason Campbell and Patrick Ramsey. Yet, the turnstile of quarterbacks at Washington would continue and following the 2006 season the Redskins released him.

Not long after that he signed with New Orleans and became the back-up quarterback there. And a veteran leader on a team that had just lost in the NFC Championship game.

This season he played in every game as the holder for extra points and field goals for kicker Garrett Hartley.

The Saints won tonight, and I'm sad for the Colts, but deep inside, I'm ok with it. I'm happy to see a quarterback that I grew up rooting for finally get his ring. I'm happy that finally Mark Brunell is a World Champion.


  1. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

  2. Brunell has always been a very classy guy. And Casey, so are you!

  3. Mark Brunell is my cousin and its good to hear people rooting for him :)

  4. yes it is nice to see he got a ring he deserved it i am a broncos fan but when they knocked denver out i couldn t be that mad knowin that brunell was the one that beat them elway finally got his ring three yrs after that 96 playoff win for him glad he got a ring