February 26, 2010

Northwest Photographer of the week: Winston Rockwell

Our Northwest Photographer of the Week is Winston "Rocky" Rockwell from Kirkland, WA. Here are some of his great outdoor shots of Northwest scenery...

Mt Shuksan, in the North Cascades, taken from the Mt. Baker ski area... I really liked the light on the mountain top. Originally shot in color, but the shadows were so blue they didn't offer quite enough contrast with the sky, so I converted to B&W to capture a sort of "Ansel Adams" feel.

Or perhaps sunset at Second Beach near La Push, WA.... The day I shot this, there were about a dozen people on the beach. All but three others had left by sundown, and those three took some pictures and departed as soon as the sun went behind the rocks. They obviously didn't know that the best colors come later... this was shot about 30 minutes after the sun set. Yeah, I had to hike back up to my car in the dark, but that's what flashlights are for!
You can see more of Rocky's photos at www.northwestnaturalimagery.com.

Do you have a great outdoor photo? Want to see it hosted on Just South of North? Send your submissions to justsouthofnorth@gmail.com.

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