February 1, 2010

The Pro Bowl without Hula girls

The AFC whooped up on the NFC 41-34 in Miami yesterday, in a game called the Pro Bowl or something. Strangely enough though, they played the game before the Super Bowl as opposed to the week afterwards when everyone has forgotten that the sport of football exists.

They also didn't play in Hawaii, much to the chagrin of the players - who enjoyed the week trip to hook up with random Hulu girls. The Miami strip clubs are slightly less classy.

Despite every media person and their grandma complaining about the Pro Bowl, I think this is a hit by the NFL. First off, I'm going to watch it  because there isn't any football on between the conference championships and the Super Bowl. Second, I'm not going to watch the Pro Bowl after the Super Bowl because going from the most important game of the season to the least important is kind of a drag.

And I do like the Pro Bowl being part of the Super Bowl festivities instead of it's own entity. It kind of lends to the "All-Star Break" feeling that the MLB and NBA have, except they play for the world championship instead of a skills competition. Two star-studded football games in the same city? Yeah the hosts aren't complaining.

As far as the Colts and Saints players not being in the game - well a number of Super Bowl involved players usually don't play anyways so no loss there. What I do think they should do is have the Super Bowl Pro Bowl players face off in some sort of Poker Match or game of horse before they square off to be the best team in football. The awkwardness would be awesome!

If players still want to go to Hawaii - buy a freakin' plane ticket.

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