March 8, 2010

Casey already has one of these ordered

If you truely want to remember the 2010 Olympics, you may want to buy yourself one of these bad boys.

Millions of people tuned in to watch the Olympic closing ceremonies in Vancouver this past Sunday. If you were among them, you might have thought, "What a nice tribute to Canada." Or, "It's great to see the athletes of the world come together." Or, "I really need one of those giant inflatable beavers."

If the last of those sentiments applies to you, good news! According to the Ottawa Citizen, for just five grand, one of those huge rodents can be yours. It's an even better deal considering that's 5,000 Canadian dollars, making it only $4,846.88 U.S. (If you want the 35-foot-tall moose, it'll cost you a little bit more.) 

Only 5,000 dollars for a huge beaver? How could that not be an awesome investment. Something tells me, one of these things will find its way on Oregon State's football field next season.

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