March 8, 2010

Further proof newspapers are screwed

We like to keep tabs with the Newspaper industry here at the ol' Just South of North, since at one time Casey and I wanted to be journalists. Then we realized newspapers wont be around in five years. Want proof? US companies are now for the first time spending more money on digital media as opposed to print media.

US companies will spend more this year on digital and online advertising and marketing than on print for the first time ever, according to a study released on Monday.

Companies will spend 119.6 billion dollars on online and digital strategies and 111.5 billion dollars on newspaper and magazine advertisements and other print campaigns, according to the study by California-based Outsell.

Outsell, which provides research and advisory services to the publishing and information industries, described the spending shift as "an industry milestone crossover event." 

What does that mean? That means if you want to sell your product, buying an ad in a solid publication is no longer the preferred choice.Hence, newspapers are screwed. Hooray!

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