March 26, 2010

Levels of Canadian-ess

Since we live in the state of Washington, we're actually quite close to the our fine neighbors to the North. This causes an interesting side effect - Americans acting like Canadians. If you think about it, parts of Washington are just like Canada, so naturally some of people seem like they are from there. Perhaps you act like a Canadian and just don't realize it. Hence, here is this handy-dandy guide for levels of Canadian-ness.

LEVEL 1 - A Northern American
- You like Canadian bacon on your pizza.
- You drink Kokanee but don't like that Molson stuff.
- Your favorite actor is Keanu Reeves.
- You like to ski or snowboard.
- You drive a truck.

LEVEL 2 - Border Dweller
- You like Canadian bacon and moose meat on your pizza. With a side of German sausage and four large pancakes. Topped off with a large gallon of syrup.
- Labatt Blue is your choice of drink. With that silly bear.
- Your favorite actor is John Candy, and you have a poster of him hanging in your bedroom.
- You groom the ski and snowboard trails with your custom made SnowCat.
- You drive a Datson.

LEVEL 3 - Border Hopper
- You like Peanut Butter and Waffles, combined with French Toast, and a rack o' Sasquatch.
- You like Canadian Moonshine, and those cool mushrooms on the northside of trees.
- Your favorite actor is Dan Akroyd. I mean the guy way in Ghostbusters! And Coneheads!
- You're now involved in a very illegal sled dog fighting ring.
- You drive a snowmobile.

LEVEL 4 - Daywalking Canadian
- You know the menu at IHOP? You like the entire thing.
- You like Molson Canadian. In fact you have the Molson Canadian shirt, bumper sticket, hockey gear, photos of the Canadian Women's Hockey team drinking after the gold medal game, and a Molson Canadian tatoo... along with a Dan Akroyd tattoo.
- Your favorite actor is Mike Meyers, in fact "Wayne's World" was based on your life and times.
- Hockey! Go Maple Leafs!
- Car? Does my Moped count?

- Beer and peanuts will do.
- Your favorite beer is La Fin du Monde. It's French Canadian. Don't ask.
- You love Celine Dion.
- You spend hours curling...
- You dabble in darts and backgammon
- Your car is actually a bunch of sled dogs.

You've been warned...

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