March 25, 2010

Philadelphia Union vs. Seattle Sounders Game Blog

It's time to kick this season off and you'll be able to catch all the good stuff since I'm blogging live from my couch in from of my high-def television. Seriously its better than the sidelines.

Here's a little bit of info before we get started at 6:30
Match forecast: 52 degrees, 80% chance of rain, 8 mph winds

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6:03 - So I'm balancing doing laundry and watching this game, things could end badly...

6:31 - It's raining in Seattle... shocking. I think that should make the ESPNews ticker or something.

6:34 - Does anyone find the MLS possible strike ridiculous. Why on earth would the players of the 24th popular sports in America go on strike? But since they worked out the CBA, I'm sure that the players are now payed roughly the same amount as a New York Cabbie.

6:37 - Why is the Brawny man doing the pregame show for ESPN?

6:43 - Freddy! Where is the fohawk? The lack of a distinct haircut may sideline Seattle this year...

6:47 - Danny Califf from Philadelphia has a mohawk. Seattle is screwed. Although I swear Califf is wavering back and fourth from a English and American accent. He's American so I don't know how this is possible.

(UPDATE: He's from Maryland, that explains it all)

6:51 - Matchday link for you, should keep you updated infowise.

6:56 - The game starts! and I need to run to put more money in the dryer at the laundry room. Crap!

6:59 - Califf gets a yellow card already, probably for having a horrible accent.

7:02 - Philadelphia had a nice shot on goal ever, they've been on Seattle's end for quite some time...


7:08 - So I had to run to the Laundry Room to plug the dryer with quarters, and I think I ran faster than the Philadelphia defenders, who were employing the "let's just hang back here in from of the goal and not try and attack the ball"... that worked out well.

7:10 - If you want the official description of the last goal for the Sounders:
Fredy Montero slides a ball to Steve Zakuani up the left side of the box and Zakuani cuts it back to Brad Evans who blasts it to the far post for the goal. Sounders FC 1, Union 0.

7:11 - Another great opportunity for Seattle. The announcer says this has 4-0 or 5-0 written all over it. Welcome to the league Philadelphia!

7:13 - Former Sounders player Le Toux gets right in front of the goal, doesn't get all of it and Keller is able to come up with the save. Phew! That's why he's one of the best, folks. Meanwhile, have you noticed how Philadelphia's uniforms look like something a doorhop would wear?

7:17 - Sounders coach Sigi Schmid looks like he had too much vodka last night. Awesome.

7:18- Freddie Ljungberg is hurt, and was on the turf for quite some time grabbing his back. Not a good sign. Wait, in true soccer fashion, he's already ladies and gentlemen! It's amazing how superhuman these guys are and how they're able to "bounce back" from injuries.

7:22 - Seattle looks good right now, really putting the pressure on Philadelphia. But hey, the Unions strategy of randomly kicking the ball ahead to four Sounders players is working quite well.

7:25 - Better yet, Philadelphia's jerseys look like Starfleet uniform rejects. Pretty nasty.

7:27 - Seattle is peppering the Phila goal right now. That goalie is going to need some help with his post-traumatic stress syndrome after the game.

7:36 - Freddy Montero looked like he hurt himself, but hey! He's back up folks.

7:38 - GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Freddy Montero heads it in goal. Awesome goal! Wow! This does have blowout written all over it.

7:52 - Got my laundry - about a half hour overdue.

8:05 - The second half has kicked off, and Seattle seems to be playing a little more defensively minded.

8:18 - Just folded a small mountain of clothes. All in a day's hard work to make sure I do laundry and don't smell like garbage. Freddie Ljungberg leaves the game after playing hurt for the first half. The commentator said he didn't look 100 percent, that's something to worry Sounders fans.

8:20 - And just for the record we're still on Philadelphia's side of the field.

8:25 - A pretty dead second half. I would like to see Seattle throw in one or two more goals.

8:27 - Fun little fact, if Seattle was in the English Premier League, their average attendance would be top 10 in the league. Not bad for a MLS club eh?

8:29 - With the way it's raining, this could be a sloppy end to the match. Couldn't we move this one to Safeco?

8:34 - Cool moment, the ESPN commentators just stop talking to let everyone hear the 36,000 fans sing "SEATTLE SOUNDERS" over and over. Love this team!

8:43 - Liking Keller's white Goalie jersey by the way.

8:45 - ... And we're in injury time. Should be over any moment now.

8:49 - Game over, Sounders start the season with the win and maybe Seattle fans don't have to be so bumbed about Washington losing today. Hopefully we'll talk about this game on the radio show tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed this game blog!

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