March 2, 2010

Live Game Blog: Cal State - Bakersfield/Gonzaga

It's Gonzaga! It's Cal State Bakersfield! It's Senior Night! This game has absolutely no bearing on anything and Gonzaga will probably crush Bakersfield.

It has all the makings of a wonderful live game blog. Stay tuned, because I'll probably take 2,378 shots at Gonzaga.


6:05 - First shot of the night will be a twitter volley towards the broadcasting crew.
larevblog - Why does KHQ think we'd be better off hearing HeiLo over seeing the seniors-walk-out-with-their-parents ceremony?

6:06 - They just listed the Bakersfield lineup, and I don't recognize anyone. Shocker.

6:08 - Bakersfield scored first. It's over.

6:09 - Is that some noise coming out of the GU crowd? Will Foster did have a pretty sweet dunk though.

6:10 - Matt Bouldin Parents are freakin' hilarious looking. They should be on Miami Vice.

6:11 - It's 11-4 GU, Holy Crap! Time to take out P-Magg, and put in Goodson, who double teams the guy without the ball. My roommate is beside himself.

6:13 - KHQ is clearing looking past this game with its "Keys to March Madness" Graphic.

6:18 - I wish they would pan to the "celebrities" in the crowd of tonight's game. I know who it would be... that crazy preacher guy that stands outside the STA Bus Plaza, Cuba Gooding Jr.'s failed film career and Whoopi Goldberg.

6:20 - More Tweets
larevblog - Totally thinking the same thing. RT @rloyola Heister should get it over with and join the WWE as an announcer.

He could go "GOOD GOD! IS that Adam Morrison's Music"

shitehlosays "The Zags are going to win this game. Most likely." - Heister

He is quite the Nostradamus.  

6:23 - SCREW YOU KHQ for showing GU-EWU Footage of Matt Bouldin's first points, and not mentioning Rodney Stuckey was involved. Stuckey plays in the NBA, you know that place that Bouldin will not be playing after he graduates.

6:29 - oh look, 20 percent of the student section is jumping up and down. 

Side not, Harris just laid down a wide open man dunk... and Bakersfield has apparently said screw it, we're not playing transitional defense. 

6:33 - You know what's annoying? When my roommate says he's gonna watch the Zag game and spends half an hour on the phone with his sister. TURN OFF THE PHONE... okay he turned off the phone.

WOW! At least two rows of the student section is jumping up and down now. 

6:37 - larevblog - Bouldin's mama's got that Denver hair, circa 1994. 

6:38 - 33-11 GU. I like how Bakersfield has jerseys from circa 1994 as well. I think Hangin' With Mr. Cooper featured the team at one time. 

6:40 - Here is a photo of Bakersfield. Back when this school got new jerseys.

6:41 - In case you haven't heard it from the Spokane Media... the WCC is up this year! 

6:46shitehlosays - "That makes it aero-dynamic. Keeps ya cool." You know it's a 43-15 game when the commentators are talking about the uniforms.

6:48 - 43-15! We have ourselves a game in Spokane! 

6:54 - How about that GU Student Section?
DannyBoy1510 - Farewell to the worst seniors in Kennel Club history. You guys won't be missed. Be sure to leave early again tonight, Idol is on at 8.

6:56 - Heister wears those glasses for dramatic interview effect right? 

7:03 - So why does the GU Student Section jump up and down for the cameras but not during the actual game? 

7:05 - 2nd half starts and what is this? JEOPARDY ISN'T ON BECAUSE OF THE GU GAME? Damn you Mark Few for scheduling this game. Damn you!

7:11 -
Can we take half of GU's student section tickets and give them to the people of Spokane that would love to cheer during a GU game?

7:15 - 54-21, I wonder what the spread for the game was.

7 :19 - Couldn't GU have scheduled Ferris or Rogers instead for this game?

7:24 - Can I just repeat how badly Bakersfield plays defense. Not like they get physically outmatched... like they don't play actual defense.

7:25 -Taking Will Foster out after he missed like three dunks in a two minute period.

7:27 - I know for a fact that GU Student they just showed on KHQ doesn't actually go to school at GU. He doesn't go to school at all. He's 28 years old. And is probably a criminal. He also comes from Chewelah.

7:36 - This TV talk about St. Mary's in the NCAA Tournament is terrible. Horrible. Pointless. I don't even get what point these two guys are trying to make.

7:38 - Sean Widmer says...
"I will stick with ANY game no matter the score as long as The Harvester himself (Grant Gibbs) is playing."

Sorry I'm usually working EWU games and have to either watch the gamecast or sneak out into the hallway for a brief score update for GU games... I did not realize that Grant Gibbs was white.

7:41 - It only takes Will Foster THREE TIMES to convert a dunk.

7:44 - Sean Widmer says...
"I believe Grant Gibbs to be a distant relative of Jimmy Chitwood. Fact."

Does he tell Mark Few during the huddle "I'll make it" and then Few goes "The hell you will! Go back and sit on the bench, I'm going to have Will Foster blow another dunk!"

7:46 - But seriously, I love Will Foster. Will Foster's Dad... how I want to look in 40 years.

7:48 - Okay this game has put me into a coma. Seriously. 78-59 GU wins and this means absolutely nothing. I think their win over Alberta helped their RPI more.

7:52 - I saw two guys in the GU section almost cry during the senior goodbye at the end of the game. Turn in your man card NOW!

I will give Matt Bouldin cred for giving the Jersey Shore fist pump!


  1. So cool season ticket holders have to pay for this scrimmage.

  2. YEAAAAAAAAHHHHH... Cal State Bakerfield is a tough team, that isn't reflected in their record and we're just taking it one-game at a time.


  4. YEAAAAAAHHHHH... Hold on I have to go make a fishing show with Heister.

  5. I will stick with ANY game no matter the score as long as The Harvester himself (Grant Gibbs) is playing.

  6. I believe Grant Gibbs to be a distant relative of Jimmy Chitwood. Fact.

  7. Get a good look at 55-year old Matt Bouldin? I mean Matt Bouldin's dad?