March 2, 2010

Note to the bible preaching guy at the STA Bus Place

STA Bus Station - Sometimes a scary place to be since there are some fairly sketchy/wacky people  hanging out there.

Crazy Preacher Guy - This guy's sole goal is to piss people off to "spread the word." Pretty terrible way to spark intelligent debate about religon.

Combine the two and you have a royal situation of crap on your hand. The last thing people at the STA Bus Plaza want to be told is there going to hell.

When actually, they're going down Division St.

So what does this guy actually accomplish, two pissed off STA guards who have to stand by this guy to make sure he doesn't get stabbed for being a royal douche. And then every poor tweaker riding the bus freaking out because somebody is yelling at them. That is just a wonderful idea. Congrats Crazy Preacher Dude!

(And by the way the "pissed of security guard standing by the guy by trying to look uninterested and annoyed as possible" stance should be something replicated by youth football league refs and members of Congress. Highly entertaining.)

Being a somewhat religous person myself, I figured I would at least listen to what this guy is screaming, and what I deducted from the situation was that his reasoning and statements were contradictory and generally ran around in circles. Basically he was saying "Join us or else!" ... I mean there is a way to talk about these sorts of things, but using inflamatory statements are not one of them. 

And one of my biggest pet peeves is that these guys automatically assume that (1) the people have never heard about god and that (2) these people aren't Christian even though it's the predominant religion in America.

The real cherry on the top was when a guy went up to the preacher and asked him for change. The preacher sluffed him off like a cheap pair of shoes. I found it ironic, but I guess that goes in with what he was saying "good acts don't get you into heaven" ...

But berated poor people and telling them that they're going to hell? Oh yeah, first class to up there!

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