March 25, 2010

Reasons why Montana isn't quite a state...

Ohhhhh, Montanada...

1. It's Wikipedia page is actually just Idaho's bio copied and pasted.
2. It's biggest city is a truck stop with a gas station and a mayor named Cleetus.
3. The number of Sasquatch outnumber the number of people.
4. Roads? In Montana we don't need roads...
5. The biggest man-made building in Montana is an outhouse.
6. Man vs. Wild did a show on "Surviving Montana" and all he had to do is go to downtown Missoula to get the full wilderness effect.
7. The trailer houses outnumber the Grizzly Bears.
8. When people refer to Montana they say "that big empty space between Idaho and the Dakotas"
9. The senators from Montana is the longest running joke in Congress since they basically represent two other people and a moose.
10. When you say "going to the big city!" in Montana, you mean you're going to Spokane.
11. Canada naturally assumes that Montana is part of their country.
12. Aliens vacation in Montana because they rarely run into human beings there.

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