March 25, 2010

College football coaches dont want you to see the playoffs

That is... until it's the end of the season and their one-loss team is shut out of the national championship game. Otherwise college coaches LOVE the current system in place.

...when asked by the American Football Coaches Association at its annual convention in January. But it was still a little surprising when the AFCA released the numbers of its poll today just how overwhelming their support for the otherwise reviled BCS really is:

Ninety-three percent of the 117 FBS head coaches who responded to the survey prefer the traditional bowl system over a playoff.
Eighty-five percent are in favor of the current BCS team selection process.
Thirty percent of the coaches favor some modifications to the BCS system. Of that group, 50 percent prefer the “plus one” model that would result in the addition of a fifth BCS bowl game.

Looks like that playoff system is never happening.

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