April 20, 2010

The difference between Tiger and Big Ben

Not that I condone either's actions, I do find it interesting how everyone is reacting to the Ben Roethlisberger and Tiger Woods "sex scandals" in the past few months. One is the most famous athlete in the world, did something completely legal but immoral and is ripped apart by the media for it. The other hasn't been officially charged for anything but it's quite clear that his actions towards women have been very inappropriate for somebody of his stature (or any stature for that manner).

Yet, if you're keeping score at home, Tiger Woods has been ran through the ringer much more than Big Ben. The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has had his fare share of flack from the media but the only endorsement he's lost is for some crappy beef jerky. And nobody is demanding public apologies from Big Ben, or trying to determine how his actions directly affect their being - whereas everyone was proclaiming how much Tigers' actions affected the deep reaches of their soul.

Also how many awkward press conferences have we had to watch where Ben apologizes to his mother?

I know that Tiger Woods isn't any saint, but he didn't do anything nearly as atrocious as Big Ben was rumored to have done. If you want to boil down the quarterback's actions to a horribly watered down and inaccurate "taking advantage" of women (Which is crap, the dude is a creep and a bastard, but that's just my thought), that's still one-hundred times worse than Tiger Woods cheating on his wife with lots of women.

In Tiger's case, everybody did what they did on their own free will. And frankly, it's not really our business, even if Tiger is a big name. However, Big Ben is obviously forcing his will on other people. Yet Tiger gets the brunt of this media explosion.

I know that he hasn't been convicted, but there are so many instances surrounding this quarterback, you have to reaaaaalllyyy wonder what he's doing. When there is smoke, there is fire. Simple as that.

Tiger? Sure he's a bad husband, but he's not nearly as bad a guy as Big Ben and I dont think he should even be put on that same level as Ben.

What Tiger did was a mistake, what Ben did was a crime. Or many crimes.

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