April 8, 2010

The Tiger Woods Commercial

I'm not sure if you've seen this Nike Commercial, which basically has Tiger Woods stare at the camera while his late dad voices over some sage advice for his son. Some have said it's creepy and downright exploitative of the situation the world's best golfer is in. However, I'm going to go down the road that this is a pretty awesome commercial.

As far as this being a commercial for Nike, I think it's actually pretty up front for them to address the issue. Had they just cut together a normal Tiger commercial it probably would have been met with just as much ridicule with people saying "Look they didn't even address his infidelity!" Either way, it would have been something that people brought up. Taking advantage of the situation? Like every media outlet and talking head did at the time it happened. Tiger and Nike have every right to address this in an ad that is basically selling Tiger. And frankly, it wasn't done in a distasteful or demeaning manor. You might even go so far to say it was a nice artistic tough - I mean it perfectly catches what Tiger has to live up to/face when he goes out onto the golf course.

(And that's what Nike is known for, making commercials that stick in your mind and are bold)

Using Earl Wood's voice isn't tasteless either since Tiger's father is basically what defined Tiger for much of his early career. I mean anytime you think of Tiger, you have to think of Earl Woods. The two are inseparable and Earl is one of Tiger's biggest motivations to play the game of golf. Large parts of life are you trying to please your parents, I mean nobody wants to be a disappointment, and the simple fact of the matter is that neither does Tiger.

Sure it's an ad, but it's probably the most artistic and graceful way you can approach this whole Tiger mess. Which is a lot more than what the media has done the past few months.

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