April 1, 2010

What Spokane Chiefs fans should do...

1. Stay away from sharp objects today.
2. Probably shouldn't watch today's sports highlights on the local new today unless you want to relive the horror.
3. Tell Cubs fans they have it lucky when it comes to haunting playoff losses.
4. Find the fan that said "We have Game 7 in the bag" and put them in a bag.
5. Avoid any vacations to Portland in the near future. In fact, avoid any references to the Rose City, the state of Oregon or anything that rhythms with Winterhawks.
6. Remember that Indians baseball starts up soon and they don't play seven game series in the NWL playoff format so you're totally safe.
7. Drink a lot. Hydrate.
8. Get ready to make fun of the Tri-City Americans when they're knocked out of the playoffs.

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