April 16, 2010

Worst fan ever

What a pile of crap. Or puke. However you want to box it up.

It seems an off-duty police captain took his two daughters — one 16 years old, the other 11 — to the Phillies' game against the Nationals the other night. They were soon set upon by the kind of gentlemen who give Philadelphia sports fans their reputation as urbane and terribly cosmopolitan.

"They were yelling vulgarities, obscene language," [Michael] Vangelo said Thursday.

Vangelo and his older daughter asked the men to stop, but that seemed to just cause more trouble, he said.

"I had beer thrown on me and water and then one individual started spitting at the back of my daughter's chair and he actually spit on my 11-year-old daughter," he said.

I'm so sick of Philly fans. You run out Donovan McNabb, the best QB in your cities history, you boo Santa Claus and I'm pretty sure you'd boo the pope if he were in attendance of a Phillies game.

The fans were ejected, and into the void stepped one Matthew Clemens.

"He leaned forward, he projectile vomited all over me and my daughter," Vangelo said with a look of hurt splashed across his face.

Clemens then began wailing on Vangelo after he pushed him away from the girl — hitting the off-duty officer in the head and neck, causing his ear to bleed, police said.

Surrounding fans jumped in to help subdue Clemens before he was arrested.

"He was still vomiting on the other fans that were holding him down," Vangelo said.

First off, what a sick bastard. Secondly, I hope it was the dad that got in a punch and caused that black-eye above. Let's put this guy in the category of "hopefully he never reproduces so we dont have to deal with D-bags like him ever again."

And with that said, I'm never going to any Philadelphia sporting event. Which is easy to say since I'm in Spokane.

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