May 17, 2010

Apparently I'm stuck in 1997

So one of my good friends today said that my jeans were from 1997, which may or may not have been an insult since I wasn't really paying attention - that happens when you're playing Bejeweled on your phone. However, upon further thought, it does raise a concern since 1997 wasn't the greatest of years. Exhibit 1, the fashion.

Are those sandals... why don't those jeans reach all the way down to the shoes? Oh god... I was wearing 1997 jeans. This is horrible. The 90s seemed like a swell time but let me show you what the front page of looked like in 1997...

GAH! What is that, it's a just a bunch of links on a white page. Where are the YouTube Videos? Where are the links to Twitter and Facebook? Where are the Widgets for god's sake? It's just the... internet. 1997 was truely a savage age. I mean look at the computers they had back in that year:

Are those floppy disk drives?!?! Where are the flat screens? I can't breathe...

Is that a video game from 1997? I can't tell because all I'm looking at is random blobs on a computer screen. Ugh. How were movies back then?

Shoot me now.

1 comment:

  1. The question is, are those your oldest pair of jeans?