May 31, 2010

I'm back on the grid

Okay so there's no internet in my apartment at the moment, creating some interesting logistic issues but at least my fridge shakes when it turns on! Keeps my on my toes at night.

While my studio apartment is certainly better than Casey's cardboard box (he is unemployed after all) there a couple quirks about it.

1. The shower and bathtub have reverse pluming, and I didn't discover this until about five minutes into a cold shower, then was stunned to find I was then being assaulted by boiling water.

2. The outlet situation is something to be desired but after a few power strips I'm now ready to be the biggest fire hazard in all of Polson, Mont.

3. No internet. Hence, I watched DVDs all night, folded clothes and listened to a top 40 station out of Kalispel. In other words, I'm a forty year old bachelor.

4. I can't tell if the water is really good, or if I'm going to have the death plague. I'll keep you updated.

5. No cable yet. Good god, I didn't find out if the Red Sox won or lost until 12 hours after the fact. Yuck.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to Montana, Brandon!

    You shouldn't have let the griz fans know you were coming.