May 30, 2010

Brandon the Montanan

In case you missed it, Brandon has moved to Montana. That's right, Montana. The one state that no one would have ever thought would welcome Brandon within its boarders. Yet, for some reason they opened their gates for him and he's in.

Either that or he snuck in through Canada.

Now I've been to Montana lots of times since I have family there. And I must say, it's a very pretty state. Well, the western part is. (but that's just my opinion).

There a few things though that Brandon must remember now that he lives in Big Sky Country that I'd like to pass on to him. Call them, "words of wisdom" if you will. But since they are coming from me, call them what they are, "words."

1. When passing through Missoula make sure not to stop - Now this may seem a bit strange, but the truth is that while Brandon may now be a Montanan, he made a number of "non friends" in Grizzly fans within Missoula. But none the less, GO EAGLES!

2. Don't pet grizzly bears - Speaking of Grizzlies, Brandon shouldn't pet them. He once mistook an opossum for a house cat. He even went around town posting these signs:

That's right. Not housebroken and not friendly. I'm pretty sure that's an opossum. Nice try Brandon.

3. Hannah Montana is not cool - Now that Brandon lives in Montana all he's been listening to is Hannah Montana. He said it was to "get in touch" with the local music. No Brandon, that's not how it works. When Brandon visited Boston last year he wouldn't stop singing "More Than a Feelin'" for three weeks. THREE WEEKS!

4. Yaking and kayaking are NOT the same thing - Kayaking is in a small boat, yaking is....well...riding a yak. Don't try yaking. Even the yaks that seem calm aren't and don't appreciate a saddle.

5. Buy a goat - Now that you've left the city of Spokane and the comfort of a roommate to help with bills, buy a goat. They are great for helping cut the cost of groceries (milk, butter, buttermilk) and they help cut the cost of utilities. A goat can eat your garbage. Oh, and be your new roomate. Leave him in the living room and he'll watch TV all day.

There you Brandon. Good luck in Montana!

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  1. ya i can see my brother trying to pass a possum for a cat..but ya gotta love him anyway through the goof and all. he's a great writer and a easy going friendly guy. even with all the crap we've put one another through going up i wouldn't trade him for least not yet, he's still got a few good brother years left in him im sure and they will last a little longer with the distance but he better make it home for his niece once in a few months!-Joanna Hansen