May 3, 2010

A true hero

Every now and then the media really comes across an incredible story. I saw this in the Seattle Times last week and this is one of those stories. As a fellow journalist, I tip my hat to Katherine Long. Great job!

Thursday was shaping up to be just another school day for 13-year-old Erik Martin, but then something extraordinary happened: Spider-Man called.

Spider-Man happens to be one of the few people who knows that Erik, too, has a secret identity — he's Electron Boy, a superhero who fights the powers of evil with light.

And Spider-Man needed Erik's help.

Erik, who is living with liver cancer, has always wanted to be a superhero. On Thursday, the regional chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation granted him that wish with an elaborate event that involved hundreds of volunteers in Bellevue and Seattle.

Read the rest of the article on the Seattle Times site.

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