May 11, 2010

Worst zombies ever

I've decided that if the zombie apocolypse were to hit, I'd rather face these types of zombies than the normal kind of blood thirsty zombies.

Zombies in Scooters - You can usually hope for the scooters to run out of batteries, however, there is a chance that the zombies could get out of their scooters and run, but then you're dealing with the next kind of zombie...

Fat, Lazy Zombies - These zombies will usually chase you for like forty yards, get tired and go to Walmart for some jerky.

Stoner Zombies -
Unless of course, you're a leafy substance.

Al Gore Zombie - Also known as Vice-President Gore. Usually harmless unless you mention global warming and man bear pig.

Game Show Host Zombie -
Usually he'll give you three choices, your brains being eaten through your nose, your limbs getting eaten first or a brand new car! Do yourself a favor and take the car.

Hippie Zombies -
Same as the stoner zombies except that you can smell them from miles around.

Canadian Zombies -
You can spot them because they're the zombies with mullets and Molson Ice.

Squirrel Zombies
- Run them over with cars, nuff said.

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