June 18, 2010

Morning coffee... June 18, 2010

Down 2-0 at halftime to Slovenia in the World Cup, the US battled back to get a tie and keep its hopes to advance to the next round alive.

I also heard via text that the US scored another goal but it was called offsides, something the replays show wasn't the case. Is it me or are refs getting worse and worse? Or perhaps replays are getting better and better?

College News

Montana State head football coach Rob Ash expects a breakthrough this year

And having nearly bit my nails off watching EWU play MSU year after year, I fully expect this to happen. By the way, remember when MSU was screwed out of a playoff berth after beating the Griz, having the same record and yet EWU and UM got the bids to the playoffs?

National News

Missing North Korean players show up a practice

Is North Korea not one of the most entertaining countries in the World Cup? I think we need more communist countries in this international events.

LA bursts out into riots after Lakers win NBA Championship

Because what would a championship be without a good riot.

Ron Artest gives the best post-game interview ever

No really, watch this video and try not to laugh, I dare you.

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