July 15, 2010

Bicycle ride today

Any town that has a market is awesome in my book. This is the Ravensdale Market in Ravensdale, Washington. Please note the inner tube tied to the post, the logo of lanterns and the DUEL satellites.

The reason I post this is I went on a 50 mile ride today and wound up in Ravensdale. Now I'd been through there as a kid, but I had no idea that the roads connected to Issaquah. Until today.

I took off down the road this morning just going to ride an out and back. In my opinion out and backs are the WORST types of rides. I hate them. They are nice for the fact that you know to make 50 miles, ride 25. Then turn around.

But they stink in the fact that you have to see everything twice. I prefer a loop. A giant loop is more fun in my opinion. But since I didn't know a 50 mile loop I figured I'd just ride for 25 miles then turn around. Boring.

But I did find that the winding and hilly road out of town lead me to Ravensdale.

That's the best part about these training rides. Is just riding and exploring. Going places I would never just get into my car and drive too.

For the ride itself I did 50 miles. Averaged 16.2 mph and it took just about 3 hours exactly. I was excited with the results and the whole ride my legs felt really strong. Hopefully this training is working so I'll be ready for the People's Coast Classic.

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