July 16, 2010

Morning coffee... July 16, 2010

Russell Branyon will be out for two days for the Seattle Mariners after stubbing his toe opening curtains in his hotel room. READ THE STORY HERE.

College News

MSU adds junior transfer to football team.

Is anyone pumped for football season?

National News

US Olympians get their gold medals back

From the 2000 Olympics... wow OIC, way to move so quickly.

NCAA Football for EA Sports is released

WOO!!! Remember when I asked if anyone is pumped for football season?

Penny Hardaway to join the Miami Heat

I really wasn't expecting them to go to NBA Jam for their players.

Local News

Don't forget that it's the last home game of the year for the Mission Valley Mariners. They'll take on the Bitterroot Bucs today at 4 p.m. in Polson. Be there at Legion Field for sure!

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