July 2, 2010

Mark this one up as "scary"

So I decided to rent a movie last night at the local video store in Polson, MT. (Yes they still have video stores in Montana and they do quite good) I picked Event Horizon because it is probably one of the last sci-fi movies out there that I haven't seen. When I went to the counter to check it out, the clerk was like "Whooooah, Event Horizon, scared the crap out of me when I was a kid."

Oh boy, perhaps I picked the wrong movie, I was banking on the 1997/8 movie to have that cheesy 13-year old horror. You know, back in simplier times when horror movies were funny and not trying to rip off Saw.

Event Horizon didn't rip off Saw. It actually said to Saw "get out of here, I don't want you're conservative movie butt taking up space, I want to really gross out people."

If you want to see scenes of self mutilation, creepy screams and latin speaking, guys ripping their eyeballs out and the most graphic guy out in space without a spacesuit scene I've seen ever, than this is the movie for you!

As for me, about three minutes in, I was already turning every light on in the apartment.

This movie has an eerie sense of impending doom, and some of the nastiest surprises around. Don't eat dinner while watching this. So I'm here to warn you all, if you live alone in a studio apartment in Montana... don't rent this movie.

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