July 9, 2010

Morning coffee... July 9, 2010

Like the giant statue of Saddam Hussein pulled down in Baghdad, fans gravitated towards the giant LeBron James billboard downtown, only to find it guarded by police. Angry Clevelanders will just have to destroy their city the old-fashioned way: a long slow economic decline marked by the departure of industry and a sustained flight to the suburbs. - DEADSPIN

College News

Mike Kramer lawsuit will go on

Former football coach has lawsuit against Montana State University.

National News

Octopus picks Spain to win World Cup

Like any other sports analysts, the octopus has no backbone, unlike other sports analysts it's been right every time during the World Cup.

Cavs owner rips Lebron

Best. Letter. Ever. And its in Comic Sans.

Local News

Mariners B team ends season with split against Libby Loggers

The future is looking bright for the Mission Valley Mariners.

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