July 8, 2010

Teams Lebron should go to...

So I'm trying to wrap my brain around what is going to happen to the NBA tomorrow. Lebron will single handedly change the landscape of the league or leave it the same if he stays in Cleveland. Here's the teams that I think he should go to:

Tune Squad - Lebron, Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and Tweety Bird. Unstoppable!
WCW Wolfpack - Nothing would be better than Lebron descending from the rafters and hitting Clay Bennett with a steel chair. I want this to happen so bad.
Duke - I know this violates the NCAA rules, but like USC, they wouldn't do anything until five years after the fact.
Cleveland Browns - Wait... the Browns would have an actual athlete on their roster?
Jersey Shore - Lets compare him and Snooki.
Washington State Football - Please god, let this happen. PLEASE GOD MAKE THE BLEEDING STOP.

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