July 3, 2010

Rattlesnake Ledge Trail

Today the Northern Rangers headed up Rattlesnake Ledge Trail outside of North Bend, Washington.
The hike starts at Rattlesnake Lake and has an elevation gain of 1,175 feet over two miles. So it's fairly steep but by no means difficult to the average active person.

Following the trail you'll find a number of switchbacks and a fairly constant uphill grade.
However, you'll also find a large number of people on the trail because of how close the trailhead is to Seattle and I-90.

The picture to the left shows Rattlesnake Ledge overflowing with people.

However, the trail doesn't end at Rattlesnake Ledge and as of 2007, now goes all the way to the old Snoqualmie Brewery at Exit 27 off I-90. So for a bit more peaceful turnaround point hikers can follow the trail up a little higher and still enjoy the great views but without the circus shown in the other picture. (see below photo)

Hiking Time to Rattlesnake Ledge: 45 mins to 1 hour
Miles: 4 Round trip
Elevation gain
: 1,175 feet

How to get there

On I-90 east take Exit 32 (436th Avenue SE) just past the exits to North Bend. Turn right off the exit, heading south on 436th Ave SE which turns into Cedar Falls Road. In about three miles you'll see the parking lots. Follow the signs posted for Rattlesnake Lake.

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