July 3, 2010

The Germans are pretty good

With my dad's side of the family being German, my parents said I should go for Germany in the World Cup. I'm not 100 percent sure about that after that whole starting two world wars thing but I mean that was like seventy years ago right?

Oh and Germany is freakin' good at soccer.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa – No trash talking needed. Germany was just too good for Argentina.

Miroslav Klose scored twice to move into a tie for second on the all-time World Cup scoring list, and Thomas Mueller and Arne Friedrich added goals to give Germany a resounding 4-0 victory Saturday in the World Cup quarterfinals. As flashbulbs popped, the Germans hugged and high-fived each other before walking around the edge of the field, saluting their fans.

See, I feel like that if I root for Germany I'll go too far. Like...

1. Making a Panzer tank out of cardboard and walking around the stadium giving squadron orders.
2. Start punching other fans and quoting Indiana Jones... "no ticket!"
3. Would the bad guy theme song from Indiana Jones be way too much to play during a game?
4. Start making nicknames for players like "The Red Baron" and "Rommel"
5. Too bad Italy isn't still in the World Cup, I could remind them when their empire got invaded by Germanic tribes... yeah, take that Romans.

Yep, rooting for Germany seems like a terrible idea.

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