July 3, 2010

Shock remain on top

This season just keeps on getting better for the Spokane Shock. Their latest test - the No. 2 ranked Arizona Rattlers - was a dramatic, defensive-laden battle but they came out on top once again.

July 2, 2010– Spokane, WA: The Spokane Shock defeated the Arizona Rattlers tonight, 37-36, for its tenth win of the season. The Shock are the first team in the AFL with ten wins and with only two losses, they have the best record in the league.

What does 10-2 mean? Well it means playoffs and a good shot at home field advantage, and that would be gigantic for the team in the post-season. Word on the street was that last night's crowd was amazing and as much as incoming teams like to play it down, the 9th man does get into the head of teams. They don't expect it from an arena football crowd (no offense).

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