August 9, 2010

Pacific Northwest Trail

I came across a hike for anyone wanting to experience the Northwest. It's called the Pacific Northwest Trail.

The Pacific Northwest Trail stretches 1,200 miles, between Washington and Montana and was designated in 2009.

The trail begins in the Olympic National Park in Washington and ends in Glacier National Park in Montana.

Being so new, the trail doesn't have a "designated" route yet and hikers must navigate forest trails, highways, logging roads, city streets and even a ferry.

According to an article by Terry Richard of the Oregonian, it will take years -- perhaps decades -- before a formal route is surveyed and marked.

But just how many years could that be? Richards says in his article that, trails are works in progress. As an example, the Pacific Crest Trail was conceived in 1932, designated by Congress in 1968 and officially completed in 1993. Even now, the trail gets rerouted as storms damage sections, or as land ownership issues are resolved.

Imagine the views that you will have though. From the coast of Washington to the Rocky Mountains. All with desert, forests and rivers in between.

The Portland office of the U.S. Forest Service has been charged with the task to coordinate official designation of the route. I'll keep you updated as the route is designed.

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