September 10, 2010

Butte Central 31, Ronan 0

Ronan lost tonight 31-0, but what you wont find in the box score is how hard these kids played. After the game, normally the post-game talk would be a harsh one on the losing end. It wasn't. Ronan head coach Jim Benn complimented his team on how hard they worked in practice this week and how everyone stepped up.

You see... there were a lot of kids on the sideline who didn't play. Three very powerful playmakers were out with injuries. Kids were in positions that they had never played. They didn't complain, they unselfishly changed their spots, they adapted.

And they hung with one of the best teams in the state for at least a half. The offense gained over 300 yards in a balanced attack. There was nothing for this team to be ashamed of. When they get all their guys back, they're going to be a very tough squad.

Here are some photos from tonight...


  1. did you take these photographs yourself? they are amazing, as sports photography is really hard, but these capture the action and the amazing atmosphere with all the mountains and dramatic sunset.

  2. Butte Central High School - that's the school I graduated from. Cool! Go Maroons!