September 12, 2010

People's Coast Classic: Day 1

Today my dad, Jeff and I started on the People's Coast Classic.

We started in Astoria and boy was it cold. (See Jeff in blanket) He rode with the blanket for a ways, and it turned into a cape. I pretended that I didn't know him.

The ride today was a little over 58 miles. The sun eventually burned off the clouds and we rode the final part in the sunshine. Now it is sunny at our camp in Garibaldi.

Tomorrow is the longest and toughest day of the ride which should be about 70 miles and offers a number of hills. Here's to hoping that Jeff doesn't have to pull me up them.

We shot some Northern Rangers videos along the way and I'll get those up when we get back.

But for now I'm going to go find some dinner and then probably go to sleep.

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